Behavior Modification

Training That Lasts offers effective Behavior Modification training redefining your relationship with your canine! we specialize in transformational behavior modification training that redefines relationships between dogs and their owners. We understand undesirable behaviors often come from a place of excitement, anxiety, or lack of direction – never spite. Our experienced trainers work passionately to realign this energy into positive outlets.

Modifying Your Dogs Behavior

Training That Lasts, based in Yorkville, IL offers a range of services to help pet owners access the full potential of their pup. Tyler Morrick specializes in Behavior Modification, using techniques he has learned working with dogs since a kid. Tyler tailors each session to the individual needs of your pup to ensure maximum success, making us the perfect choice for anyone looking for long-term results. Training That Lasts recognizes that Behavior Modification is more than just teaching commands; it’s about creating a strong bond between you and your pup by changing their behavior through our training methods.  We want to help you lay the groundwork for a healthy and happy relationship that will last for years.


Benefits of Behavior Modification Training

Behavior modification can foster a lasting bond between you and your dog while ensuring they learn good behaviors. Our techniques focus on understanding your dog’s physical and emotional needs holistically to lay the foundations for comprehension and compliance. By reinforcing positive behaviors and redirecting negative ones, your dog gains real-world skills to behave appropriately at home and in public. With patience and positive reinforcement, your dog will learn good habits and manners to last their lifetime. Our comprehensive training builds the mutual trust and respect that forms the basis of a close friendship between owner and dog.

What to Expect from Training That Lasts

We reward the incremental steps, celebrate the small wins, guide them through confusion, always leading with patience over punishment. Our comprehensive programs build real-world skills suited to pups and owners alike, fostering better daily life at home and on neighborhood walks. Graduates walk out wagging tails as their human partners beam with pride.

Together we find the happiness hiding inside unruly behaviors. We cultivate it through understanding and compassion. When your once-troubled dog looks back at you with trust and affection, you know our training lasts, relationships thrive, and we’ve nurtured it’s full potential.  Ultimately, its up to you to maintain and strengthen the bond with consistent, patient training.  Training That Lasts will lay the foundation and set you up with the tools to smooth out the rough edges!


Invest in your pup's future today and start to nurture their true potential!

Do you want a well-adjusted, better-behaved pup that brings joy to your daily life? Our comprehensive evaluations and programs map a customized pathway to get your relationship back on track. Bring out the best in your pup with Training That Lasts! Begin the rewarding journey today starting with our behavior consultation form. We can’t wait to help your pup be happier and healthier while strengthening the bond you share!