About Training That LASTS

Training That Lasts helps people in training their dogs while strengthening connections, redefining their relationships! We’re passionate about the lifelong bonds that develop when people put the time in to learn their dog. So let us help you and your pup understand one another more deeply while accomplishing skills that will serve you both forever. Reach out out to learn more today!

Tyler Morrick - The Founder and Owner of Training That Lasts

Tyler is not only a skilled dog trainer, but he is also an excellent communicator. He provides ongoing support and guidance to his clients and ensures that they have all the tools and knowledge they need to continue training their dogs at home.

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced, and compassionate dog trainer, look no further than Training That Lasts. Tyler and his team are dedicated to helping you and your furry friend achieve lasting success and happiness.

"In a World Full of Chaos, Find Your Connection" - Tyler The Trainer

Our mission at Training That Lasts is to redefine relationships and foster enduring bonds. Guided by a deep commitment to canine well-being, we aim to provide exceptional services to dogs and their owners. Tyler Morrick, the driving force behind our journey, discovered his passion for dogs at an early age in a family involved in dog breeding. His heartwarming memories include rescuing a pregnant stray and giving her a safe place to give birth, igniting a lifelong passion.

Tyler’s connection with dogs deepened over 13 years with a remarkable therapy Chihuahua, bringing comfort to countless individuals in various facilities. After bidding farewell to his loyal companion, Tyler welcomed Oscar, a 5 year-old Golden Doodle, continuing his commitment. His journey from enthusiast to professional dog trainer was crystallized when he completed the Dog Training Course at Waubonsee Community College, guided by Instructor Angela Murray.

With determination, Tyler launched Training That Lasts as a full-time endeavor, benefiting hundreds of dogs since beginning this journey. Our motto at Training That Lasts is more than just training dogs; it’s about nurturing enduring connections and bond between us and our loving furry family.

Genuine Care

The Finest Dog Training in Illinois

Guided by a deep commitment to canine well-being, we strive to provide authentic training. Leading the charge at Training That Lasts is Tyler Morrick, a passionate trainer whose journey with dogs began in his early years. Growing up in a family involved in dog breeding, Tyler’s heartwarming memories include rescuing a pregnant stray and providing her a safe haven to give birth. These experiences ignited a lifelong passion for dogs that would shape his future endeavors.

Flexible Training Solutions:

We accommodates various breeds, ages, and temperaments.

Training That Lasts is not just about dog training; we redefine relationships! With a warm and welcoming approach, our team understands the unique bond between dogs and their owners. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and amicable environment where both canines and their human companions feel at ease. Our expertise ensures that every interaction is guided by knowledge, while our genuine care reflects our passion for the well-being of your furry family.

  • Strong Foundation for Puppies: Training That Lasts excels at establishing a solid foundation for puppies, including essential commands, socialization, and positive reinforcement techniques to build a lifetime of good behavior.
  • Individualized Training: We specialize in rehabilitating dogs with behavioral challenges, utilizing our expertise to create tailored strategies that cater to the specific needs and background of each canine.
  • Passion-Driven Service: Our dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships stems from a genuine passion for dogs and the desire to help people experience the joy and satisfaction of a refined companionship.
  • Flexible Training Solutions: Our versatile approach accommodates various breeds, ages, and temperaments, ensuring that every person receives tailored solutions that match their dog’s unique characteristics.

Redefining Relationships

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A Dog-Training-WIth-Training-That-Lasts-dog-trainers-in-yorkville
The Family

Meet Our Team

Meet the Training That Lasts team, comprised of dog trainer Tyler Morrick, the charming canine companion Oscar The Dood, and the love of Tyler’s life, Melanie. Together, this trio shares a deep passion for dogs, making their team both professional and personal.

Oscar The Dood, the charismatic and intelligent Golden Doodle, takes center stage within the team. He’s not just a dog; he’s a natural leader, setting the tone for training sessions. His off-leash prowess is truly remarkable, whether it’s a visit to Starbucks, a stroll through Target, or a leisurely walk down the block. Oscar’s astute understanding of his surroundings and commands makes him a standout personality, and his cool and collected demeanor is a testament to his Golden Doodle charm.  Together, we’re bound to make a significant impact in the world of dog training and care.


The Trainer


The Doodle


The Mama


Training Assistant

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