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Welcome to Training That Lasts, where our focus is on delivering compassionate and effective dog training. Our time-tested methodologies underline our determination to assist you in attaining desired outcomes training your dog. Whether the goal is behavioral adjustments, refined obedience, or tailor made in-home and board-and-training, consider us your partners in achieving your dogs potential. We don’t just train dogs, we redefine relationships!

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Why Choose Training That Lasts!

Training That Lasts has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of dog behavior and psychology.  We understand how to read canine body language and can identify underlying issues that may be causing disobedience, confusion or aggression.  We utilize a variety of training techniques and tools that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your dog.  This means that we can provide personalized training plans that are effective in addressing the challenges you face.  Training That Lasts offer’s ongoing support and guidance throughout the training process, ensuring that you and your dog achieve long-term success. With our expertise and guidance, you can enjoy a happy and well-behaved pup for a lifetime!


Obedience Training

Our Obedience Training programs can be an ideal type of training for dogs of all ages and breeds. We use a variety of training techniques to help your dog learn basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel.  We will work with you and your dog to ensure that you both have the skills you need to maintain a healthy relationship.


Behavior Modification

Our Behavior Modification training programs are designed to identify the root cause of your dog's behavioral issues and provide you with a comprehensive plan to address them. We use a variety of proven techniques to help your dog learn new behaviors and overcome any negative habits that are impacting your family.


Puppy Training

We understand that the key to a well-adjusted puppy is establishing a solid foundation from day one. Our programs focus on basic training elements like housebreaking, chew-toy habits, and simple commands. By mastering these essentials, your puppy will have a framework for learning that makes future training easier.


Basic & Advanced Puppy Training

Early socialization is crucial for a well-rounded puppy. Our training exposes them to various environments and situations in a controlled, safe manner. This approach reduces the risk of behavioral problems like aggression or fearfulness toward people and other dogs.

We emphasize creating positive experiences and teaching puppies to look to you for guidance in new situations. This strengthens your bond and makes training more effective. Addressing behavioral issues early on helps avoid the challenge of breaking bad habits later. Join our program to give your puppy the best start in life, with skills that will last a lifetime.

Experienced Dog Trainer in Yorkville, IL

Compassionate training is all about understanding, empathy, and respect—qualities that shine just as brightly in parenting. Just like with children, teaching dogs through kindness and patience fosters trust and a deeper bond. This method strengthens the idea that dogs are more than just pets; they’re family! They celebrate our joys, share in our sorrows, and offer a deep companionship. By practicing patience and consistency, we’re building relationships based on mutual respect and love.

We recognize that mistakes are part of the learning process for both people and dogs. Just as we wouldn’t scold a child for a lapse in judgment, understanding a dog’s mistake as a learning opportunity rather than a failure is key. This mindset encourages us to keep our cool, even when your dog decides that the couch looks tastier than his chew toy. It’s about guiding them in the right direction, ensuring that lessons are learned without fear or resentment.

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About Training That Lasts

Nurturing Meaningful Canine Relationships

It's noteworthy that Training That Lasts operates as a registered and insured business. Tyler's commitment to delivering exceptional and reliable services reflects his dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships that people have with their dogs. At Training That Lasts, our motto is not just to train dogs – it's to cultivate connections that stand the test of time hence, "Redefining Relationships."

Central to our training philosophy is the fundamental belief that every dog possesses a distinct uniqueness. This is marked by shared desires, yet individualized needs. We acknowledge that no two dogs are the same, and it's this recognition that drives our approach. Our commitment is to invest the time and effort required to comprehend the specific requirements of each dog and then customize our training programs accordingly.

Upcoming Group Training Events!

Welcome to Training That Lasts! We’re excited to offer group training classes that foster a deep, rewarding relationship between you and your dog. Our motto, “Redefining Relationships,” reflects our commitment to helping you and your canine companion understand each other better through effective communication and mutual respect.

July 28 @ 8:00 AM
Group Training for Dog’s of all Sizes, Breeds, and Ages! Mark Your Calendar! Join us for an energetic Group Training session with Tyler The Trainer on July 28th at Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego! Designed to boost your dog’s obedience, social skills, and overall demeanor,...
65 S Harrison St, Oswego
August 11 @ 8:00 AM
Group Dog Training Classes in Oswego with Training That Lasts Group dog training classes in Oswego offer a structured yet communal approach to canine education, focusing on obedience commands, socialization, and basic manners. These classes are designed to address a range of behaviors and skills,...
65 S Harrison St, Oswego

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When it comes to training our furry friends, we all want results that last. After all, what's the point of investing time and effort into dog training if the behaviors don't stick? That's where Training That Lasts comes into play. With our effective, proven methods, we have helped countless dog owners achieve long-lasting results. Don't just take our word for it, check out our dog testimonials!

These testimonials are just a glimpse into the success stories of dog owners who have benefited from Training That Lasts. Our commitment to providing training that goes beyond quick fixes is evident in the transformation of dogs and the happiness of their owners. If you're looking for a dog training program that truly lasts, look no further than Training That Lasts!

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Building Trust And Respect Between You And Your Dog

During our behavioral consultations, we dive into the unique dynamics between you and your dog to better understand their behavior and address any concerns you may have. Our comprehensive approach aims to identify the underlying causes of your dog's behavior and develop effective strategies for improvement

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