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At Training That Lasts, our training will help develop obedient, well-mannered pups through a multitude of techniques. With customized Board & Train, Obedience Training, In-Home Training, Puppy Training and Group Classes, we can provide tailored solutions for dogs nationwide.  Located in Yorkville, IL, we have worked with canines of all ages, breeds and backgrounds across the country. 

We take pride in our ability to address unique needs, provide hands-on guidance and establish enduring bonds between dogs and their owners.  While we have local group classes in Yorkville, many of our customized programs involve boarding pups at our facility for more immersive training. Using compassionate yet effective methods, we’ll equip you with skills to reinforce desired behaviors at home.

For those outside of IL, don’t fret – our virtual options make dog training possible no matter where you’re located and we do travel as well. In-home and board & train programs can virtually provide the same tailored experience through secure live feeds.

Ready to better communicate with your furry companion? Contact Training That Lasts today to learn more about training services as we proudly serve pups across America while based in Yorkville, IL! Click the button below to fill out the assessment form so we can have some information about you and your dog!

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