Group Training Events

We’re excited to offer group training classes that foster a deep, rewarding relationship between you and your dog. “Redefining Relationships,” reflects on our commitment to helping you and your dog understand each other better through positive mutual communication and consistent connection.


Why Group Training?

Our Group Training Program offers a comprehensive approach to handler and canine education, designed to strengthen the bond through effective mutual communication and training techniques. This program is suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages and skill levels, from puppies to adults, providing tailored instruction that addresses both foundational obedience and advanced behavioral skills.

Core Elements of Training

Our Group Training Sessions are designed to address various aspects of canine training. These sessions cover basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “up,” and “down,” along with more complex skills needed for real-world interaction. We place a strong emphasis on proper socialization, teaching dogs to interact positively with others to prevent behavioral issues like aggression and fearfulness.

Participants will learn behavioral management techniques to curb impulsive actions and enhance focus through positive reinforcement. Structured walks and real-world applications are integral parts of the training, allowing dogs to practice their obedience and responsiveness in diverse and distracting environments. Each dog benefits from individual assessments and feedback, ensuring the training is tailored to their specific needs and progress.

Our approach ensures that both dogs and their owners develop skills effectively, at a comfortable pace, fostering a better understanding and stronger bond between them. Each week’s instruction varies ensuring continuous learning for both handlers and their dogs!

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